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Coy Howard Interview Featured in Abitare

Long-time faculty member Coy Howard was recently interviewed for the Italian magazine Abitare by fellow faculty member Ilaria Mazzoleni. The interview centers on Howard's 30-year teaching experience at SCI-Arc, as well as on his recent exhibition in the SCI-Arc Gallery, Whispers and Echoes.

"While I certainly try and instill the values that I have as a designer in my students, I do not expect them to design like me," says Howard in the interview with Mazzoleni. "In fact, I do everything I can to encourage them to develop their own aesthetic. The assignments/exercises I give my students I have never done myself. They are vehicles to direct the students to be more open to the world at large, to discover and explore all of the world’s richness as inspiration rather than relying on abstract or theoretical ideas exclusively."

Howard recently exhibited a two-part installation in the SCI-Arc Gallery

Howard is considered by students and faculty alike one of SCI-Arc's distinct, unparalleled voices that define the growing and always evolving school. He has been teaching advanced design studio since 1980 at SCI-Arc, where he has also held the position of undergraduate program director.

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