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Hodgetts+Fung Help School Build Miniature Hollywood Bowl, Introduce Wild Beast to AR Readers

The Hodgetts+Fung-designed Wild Beast pavilion (shown here) at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia, Calif. is featured in the July issue of Architectural Record. SCI-Arc Director of Academic Affairs Hsinming Fung and partner Craig Hodgetts drew inspiration from musical instruments to design a small performing arts building that would work for both indoor recitals and outdoor concerts.

"We wanted a building in which performance and shape are inextricably linked," explains Hodgetts, who trained as a musician before studying automotive design and then architecture. "So we looked at violins and guitars and how they work."

The Wild Beast/Hodgetts + Fung Design and Architecture

In the words of AR writer Clifford A. Pearson: "A 3,400-square-foot facility light on its feet and curvaceous in elevation, the Wild Beast serves as an agile counterpoint to the rectilinear mass of its much larger neighborhood.

Click HERE to read the full article in Architectural Record.

Also just days ago, Hodgetts + Fung helped students of the Los Angeles Gardner Street School build a replica of the Hollywood Bowl, which the design firm renovated in 2003. The miniature structure made out of Polystyrene and PVC pipe was built to honor of the school's 100th birthday. The architects also helped teachers and students set up a mini-museum displaying historic photos of the school to complement the festive atmosphere.

Click HERE for a description and images of the miniature design from The Architect's Newspaper.