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Young Alum Talks Interactive Architecture with ICON

British architecture and design magazine ICON features young alum Miles Kemp (M.Arch2 ‘05) in a September feature about "interactive architecture and why robot buildings are nothing to be scared of."

Kemp, who graduated with an M.Arch2 degree in 2005, founded Variate Labs, a multi-disciplinary design company promoting interactive architecture through the exploration of biologically inspired materials and ways in which robotics can enhance our lives.

Kemp recently co-authored a book on interactive architecture with Cal Poly Pomona professor Michael Fox. He's also lectured on polymorphous architecture and attended events around the world, including the International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing.

ICON's profile of Kemp:

    Interactive architecture's most fervent evangelist grew up on a farm in Easton, Maryland. By the age of five, he was "swinging a hammer," helping his father build their house. At 14, he knew his way around AutoCAD software and was working for an architect; at 21, he was junior architect for Skidmore Owings and Merrill, "working on skyscrapers as one of the lead designers in the office in New York." In 2003, he enrolled at SCI-Arc because he knew they'd let him do his thesis on robotics. (Living Rooms, ICON Magazine, September 2001) According to Kemp, "50 years from now your environment is going to have a conversation with you. My vision of the future is, rather than you adapting to your environment, your environment is going to have a conversation with you."

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