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Elena Manferdini Exhibits in Group Gallery Show in LA

A group exhibition featuring work by LA based designers Elena Manferdini, Yoko Kanayama and Veronique d’Entremont opened last week at Design Matters, an independent gallery space in West Los Angeles.

This Space Is Not Empty │ Elena Manferdini │ Photo by Ryan Tyler Martinez

This Space is Not Empty examines the processes and techniques each artist employs to foster an awareness of out surroundings. Whether through an examination of bodily phenomena, an investigation of urban figure/field, or a re-appropriation of nature through digital means, each artist considers a new interpretation of space and environment.

Manferdini’s segment (shown here) represents the entry for the gallery and is used as a gateway from a monochromatic Los Angeles urban landscape into a multicolored immersive secret garden. The inside surface of the space is covered by printed adhesive vinyl, where plants, flowers and insects occupy floors and walls melting into material paint fantastic colors.

The interest of the installation is an expanded, hybrid nature whose depictions will collapse reality and artifice, and insinuate that contemporary materials are often a mutation from the "original" producing a world in which fact fiction and fantasy coexist.

The exhibition remains on view through June 16. Design Matters is located at 11527 West Pico Blvd.

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