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Elena Manferdini Participates in Gwangju Design Biennale

SCI-Arc design faculty Elena Manferdini participates in the 5th edition of the Gwangju Design Biennale in Korea, Asia’s first and most prestigious contemporary art biennale. A total of 358 designers from 20 countries comprise the five-part exhibition of the ambitious event, whose stated goal is to move away from conceptual aesthetics toward the commercial realm of practical design application.

Elena Manferdini │ Massive Projection │ 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale, Korea

Manferdini’s piece includes a special wall graphic titled “Massive Projection,” which reinterprets the topic of “Still Nature” through contemporary use of digital scanning techniques and scripting algorithms. The images, though flat, are able to produce an intense three dimensionality due to the hyper-realism of the vivid digital production constituting a contemporary "Still Nature." Its overall composition is obtained by the compilation of a set of simple geometrical volumes, combined on a three-dimensional grid. These volumes, with different natural paintings, are "presences" rather than "sculptures," creating a large event space through the simplicity of their compilation and their large scale.

Themed “Gusigi, Masigi” (“Anything, Something”), the biennale features, among other exhibitions, a group show presenting works by international designers such as Los Angeles based Elena Manferdini, British designer Tom Price, Choi Byung Hoon of Korea and more. The exhibition graphic addresses issues of virtual perception, framing nature and human composition into an architectural space and conceiving the representation of sites with a sense of dislocation

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