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Three honorable mentions were awarded in the Professional category of the Cleantech 2010 competition, as follows:

Escher GuneWardena Architecture
Frank Escher, Ravi GuneWardena, Brandon Gullotti, Bojana Banyasz, Brian Hart, Loren Perry, Barrett Cooke and Mikael Gevorkian

Kevin Poffenbarger
P.E. EPD Consultants; Sustainable Water Systems & Solutions

Lester Garcia
Boyle Heights Learning Collaborative

The Green District is an opportunity to create a model water district at the Los Angeles River. More precisely, it allows a model waste water treatment facility and waste water spreading grounds to be placed visibly at the spatial and theoretical center of the city.

Zoltan Neville

INFILL-TRATION proposes a solution for the Cleantech corridor of Los Angeles that begins with the reconsideration of the under-utilized existing resources within the area in order to improve not only the industrial corridor, but the natural water system, and the general urban experience. The project acts more as a method for regeneration and growth, rather than a specific design, providing a dynamic framework in which the natural process of development can occur.

Andrew Zago

Design Team:
Sarah Blankenbaker
Matt Harmon
Leigh Jester
Naureen Meyer
Jeongsun Oh
Jingyan Zhang

This project proposes a series of large scale developments along the Los Angeles River and a major reconfiguration of the river itself. In addition to large-scale building complexes at the northern half of the study area, the zone identified by the city as the Cleantech corridor is composed largely of a recombinant urban device that simultaneously insinuates itself into the surrounding context while producing its own coherent yet varying urban space.

Winners Announced

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An exhibition of the winning projects is on view in the Library Gallery at SCI-Arc through October 27.