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Our Donors: 2013/2014 Academic Year

SCI-Arc gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations whose support allows the school to continue to educate the architects and designers who will imagine and shape our future.

$100,000 and Above
The Ahmanson Foundation
Tim and Neda Disney
William Gruen †
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999
American Architectural Foundation, through the Mayors’ Institute on City Design Partnership
Joe Day (M.Arch ’94) and Nina Hachigian
Scott Hughes (M. Arch ’97)
National Endowment for the Arts

$10,000 - $49,999
Jamie and Carolyn Bennett
California Community Foundation
City of Los Angeles – Department of Cultural Affairs
Forest City
Gilmore Associates
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
The Green Foundation
Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
Johnson Fain
Toshikazu and Yasuko Okamoto, parents of Kazuhiro Okamoto (M.Arch ’15)
Abigail Scheuer (M. Arch ’93)
The La Vida Feliz Foundation
The Vinyl Institute
U.S. Bank
W.M. Keck Foundation
William Lyons Homes, Inc.
Stephanie Bowling Zeigler (M.Arch ’95)

$5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous (2)
Blu Homes
John Boccardo (M.Arch ’84)
Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Jerry Neuman
Michael Charles Poris (M.Arch ’90)
Pasadena Art Alliance

$1,000 - $4,999
950 E. Third Street
AGA architects
Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP
Michael and Shirin Amin (M.Arch ’04)
William Brunner (M.Arch ’94)
Rick Carter
Eric Owen Moss Architects
Anthony and Ronda Ferguson
Elizabeth Anne Gibb (M.Arch ’89)
Russell L. Goings
hughesumbanhowar Architects
Kaplan Gehring McCarroll Architectural Lighting
Jena King
Linear City Development
Menn, Van Kuik & Walker, Inc.
Merry Norris Contemporary Art
Michael Maltzan Architecture, Inc.
Eric Owen Moss and Emily Kovner
n-lab architects
One Santa Fe
Roscoe & Swanson CPAs
Cherry Lietz Snelling (M.Arch ’97)
Ted and Joan Tanner
Walter P. Moore
Wilson Pitruzzelli Investment LLC

Melissa Abe
Karen Bragg (B.Arch ’87)
C T Max Development Inc.
Robin Donaldson (M.Arch ’87)
Hennessey + Ingalls
Alec (M.Arch ’90) and Sandra Kobayashi
Hyon Cara Lee (M.Arch ’96) and Stephan Mundwiler (M.Arch ’95)
Talbot McLanahan (M.Arch ’95) and Benjamin Harrison
Sarah Sullivan
Laurence Tighe (M.Arch ’91)
Alison Wright (B.Arch ’81)

Up to $499
Bandar Sulaiman Alkahlan (M.Arch ’08)
Atta H. Alsaleh (M.Arch ’88)
Ball-Nogues Studio
Christopher Banks
Bojana Banyasz (M.Arch ’05)
Adrien Beard (’05)
David M. Becker (B.Arch ’86)
Jonathan P. Bell
Erin (M.Arch ’12) and Ian Besler
Barbara Bestor (M.Arch ’92)
Megan Elisabeth Blaine (M.Arch ’07)
Howard Bogis (B.Arch ’91)
Silvia Braun (M.Arch ’99)
Jonathan Cantwell (M.Arch ’00)
Victor Manuel Castillo (M.Arch ’01)
Catherine Chen
Lanabel Cho-josten (M.Arch ’88)
John Hang Ngai Choi (M.Arch ’05)
Deeing Chu (M.Arch ’80)
Samson Chua (M.Arch ’02)
Kimberlee Colin (M.Arch ’94)
David Lawrence Gray Architects
Design Initiatives
Jonathan Drezner (M.Arch ’90)
DU Architects
Edmund M. Einy (B.Arch ’83)
Edwin (M.Arch ’03) and Kathleen Lehnert
Jonathan Evans (M.Arch ’88)
Tom Evans (B.Arch ’88)
Jerry Figurski (M.Arch ’07)
Robert Ginsberg (B.Arch ’79)
Greg Slowik Design
Eylse and Stanley Grinstein
Minna Guillermo (B.Arch ’96)
Shannon Han (M.Arch ’06) and Hunter Knight (M.Arch ’06)
Birgit Hansen (B.Arch ’99)
Jeanette Hattan (MDRSC ’12)
Stephen Michael Hegedus (B.Arch ’00)
Clint Helvey and Carol Schlanger Helvey, parents of Sierra Ruth Helvey (M.Arch ’14)
Elena Howell (M.Arch ’06)
Gregorio Calibo Isaac (B.Arch ’88)
Louis DeLong Joyner (M.Arch ’85)
Elizabeth Marie Keslacy (M.Arch ’04)
Roy Kesrouani (M.Arch ’98)
D.B. Kim (M.Arch ’91)
Michael Kiner (M.Arch ’79)
Jeffrey King
Laura Foster Kissack (M.Arch ’99)
Yu Fung Lai (M.Arch ’02)
Jason Langkammerer (M.Arch ’99)
Alain Lauriault and France Girard, parents of Sophie Lauriault (M.Arch ’12)
Daniel Legaspi (’01)
Yoram LePair (M.Arch ’98)
Gabriel Lopez (B.Arch ’02)
Ken Lowney (M.Arch ’93)
Lauren MacColl Maass (M.Arch ’90)
Randy S. MacBeth (B.Arch ’06)
Andrea Lenardin Madden (M.Arch ’98)
Bridgette M. Marso (B.Arch ’15)
Irene Mason
Josep Luis Mateo
Gioconda McMillan, parent of Russel McMillan (M.Arch ’15)
Luis Menendez (B.Arch ’83) and Nasrin Nourian Menendez (B.Arch ’85)
Dawn Mori
Kavita Ahuja Moltz (M.Arch ’06)
Janine Moss (M.Arch ’90)
Jamie Myer (M.Arch ’02)
Paul W. Nakazawa
Paras Nanavati (B.Arch ’04)
David J. Neuman
Robert Noble
Dean Nota (B.Arch ’76)
Rod and Fariba Nourafshan, parents of Liana Nourafshan (B.Arch ’14)
Catherine Pack (M.Arch ’02)
Enrique Peñalosa
Kirk Allen Phillips (M.Arch ’00)
PNC Foundation
Thomas Prinz (M.Arch ’88)
Johnny Ramirios (B.Arch ’05)
Andrea Rawlings (B.Arch ’82)
Mark Rolfs (M.Arch ’97)
Barry Rosenbloom
Eric Safyan (MRD ’02)
Nancy Samovar (’76)
Thomas Scarin (M.Arch ’83)
Alan Sieroty
Nick Seierup (B.Arch ’79)
Neal Shalat (M.Arch ’86)
David Shoucair (B.Arch ’79)
Jennifer Siegal (M.Arch ’94)
Paul Joseph Sierra (M.Arch ’08)
Nina Smith-Gardiner (M.Arch ’92)
Derek Sola (M.Arch ’98)
Kevin Southerland (M.Arch ’93)
Donald Spivack
Randy Spiwak (B.Arch ’79)
Scott Sullivan (M.Arch ’99)
Daniel Swartz
Jun Tan and Jin Zeng, parents of Justin Tan (B.Arch ’15)
Robert J. Tarr (M.Arch ’08)
Nghi Trinh and Thai Huynh, parents of Dennis Huynh (B.Arch ’16)
Anne Troutman (M.Arch ’87) and Aleks Instanbullu
Urban Operations
Ron Verdier (B.Arch ’90)
Stephen Wagner (M.Arch ’84)
Yaohua Wang (B.Arch ’10)
Warren Techentin Architecture
Dan Weinreber (M.Arch ’02)
Benita C. Welch (M.Arch ’93)
Will Sharp Architects
Allyne Winderman
Kevin Wronske (B.Arch ’02)
Andrew Zago

And we thank the following for their in-kind support:
3D Rapid Prototyping, Inc.
Buro Happold
Coastal Enterprises
Robert A. Decosmo (M.Arch ’04)
Foam Mart
Diane Ghirardo
Stephen Marshall
Arthur Max
Gary Ochoa
The Paton Group
Resource Furniture
RISA Technologies

(Gifts and committments from 9/1/2013-8/31/2014)
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