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Amir M.

BArch (May '16)
Hometown: Long Beach, CA

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Undergraduate student Amir M. shares his thoughts and his experience so far in the B.Arch program at SCI-Arc:

Why did you choose architecture?
Since I was a small kid, I have always wanted to be an Architect; designing and building always fascinated me. This dream never changed but the meaning of the word did. I see that in Architecture one can never stop growing. One always has to think outside the box to design something that someone will inhabit or interact with in a whole new way that they don’t realize that exists yet.

Why did you choose to come to SCI-Arc?
I attended Making+Meaning at SCI-Arc during the summer of my junior year in high school. The experience changed my life completely as well as changed how I saw architecture. I witnessed how SCI-Arc helps students learn in a whole new way, something that I was not used to. I learned so much in those 5 weeks of the Making+Meaning curriculum and I was eager to see how much SCI-Arc could teach me in 5 years.

What are the strengths of the SCI-Arc curriculum?
SCI-Arc helps students develop their own way of understanding architecture by giving us assignments from which brand new concepts arise. They do not simply teach out of a book or teach someone else’s theories and understandings, but guide you as a student to develop your own critical thinking.

What are the defining or unique characteristics of SCI-Arc students?
Everybody is here to learn architecture. Everybody is willing to help each other in any way possible. I can go to any studio in any year and ask for help and I will always get a friendly hand. Another aspect that SCI-Arc students are unique for is how far they push their understanding of architecture. They do not build inside the box, they build outside it.

Describe your favorite studio experience at SCI-Arc.
The best experiences in studio are shared with friends, because not only are we learning together, we are also developing long-term relationships. For our midterm we had to work for 3 days straight without much sleep. On the 2nd day we decided to all move our projects into one bay and just critique each other’s work to try and push ourselves further. It was just one of many instances when we all focused on motivating ourselves and helping each other out to do better in our studio.

What are your plans upon graduation from SCI-Arc?
I plan to start off working in small firm to further build my understanding of the Architecture field. I know SCI-Arc will help me with the preparation to understand how everything works and how I can push myself harder. I know I will not go into the field blind.

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