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Carolina M.

B.Arch (May '15)
Hometown: Miami, FL

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What is it about Architecture that drives you?
Architecture is a profession that fills me with contentment, because I am always learning something new. I enjoy creating projects with space, structure, and materiality and architecture allows my ideas to develop.

Why did you choose to attend SCI-Arc?
After my visit to SCI-Arc in April 2012 with Miami-Dade College I was absolutely certain in joining the SCI-Arc family. It was a moment that I will never forget; I only anticipated the day of seeing myself working at my own desk in studio. I am a person who has always taken on challenges and set my goals high and because of that I knew that SCI-Arc would not only challenge me, but will also allow me to mature as an architecture student.

What are the strengths of the SCI-Arc curriculum?
The most inspiring part about the school is that its quarter-mile long building is filled with some of the most hard working young architects of today; it is living the essence of architecture. SCI-Arc has a strong curriculum, producing an environment where each and every person appreciates architecture. Here you are surrounded by faculty who practice at their own offices and also engage to share ideas with students. SCI-Arc manages to provide a systematic development which is constantly updated to benefit the students. We are the architects of the future and SCI-Arc is the place that guides us to reach our goals as designers.

What are the defining or unique characteristics of SCI-Arc students?
Not one SCI-Arc student is the same. When I stop and look around my studio I see diversity. One student masters the Grasshopper program , while another does Maya, or modeling by hand. Each of us brings a unique set of skills and shares them with those around us.

What is your favorite studio experience at SCI-Arc?
I do not necessary have a "favorite" studio experience. For me the most worthwhile experience is having the opportunity to enhance, change, and evolve my project. I enjoy the process of learning and having the ability to improve. Each studio moment gets you closer to your best work, which means that for me each studio experience is a "favorite."

Have you been involved in projects outside of the required coursework?
During summer 2012, I had the opportunity to help Emily White in her installation at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles. I am hoping to help out in more projects in the future.

What are your plans upon graduation from SCI-Arc? How will your education at SCI-Arc help you achieve your goals in the future?
My education at SCI-Arc will guide me in a positive path to be able to continue my professional career. SCI-Arc will help me achieve my goals in the future because it will open up doors for me and most importantly prepare me to make design decisions. My plans upon graduation is to work at a firm to get experience and to also continue my education.

Joao V.

"The great thing about SCI-Arc is that you are allowed to pursue your individual interests and the instructors guide and help you to develop those ideas."

Rachel B.

"SCI-Arc is anything but your typical architecture school. It is its own culture in itself, from the level of work being produced to the studio culture and the unity and collaboration between faculty and students."

Makanakai S.A.

"The idea that architects mold an inhabitable space drives my motivation to follow in the same footsteps."

Patrice C.

"There is a certain level of permanency in architecture which I could not achieve as a classical violinist. As an architect, I will be able to expand my efforts to include not only sound but also visual expressions."

Tony M.

"A SCI-Arc student is SCI-Arc. Nothing more, nothing less. At SCI-Arc, no style is out of style, or in style. We're in a continuous state of evolution and the school is no longer today what it was yesterday."