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Eric L.

MArch 1 (Sept'14)
Hometown: New York, NY

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A first-year graduate student, Eric L. enrolled into SCI-Arc's MArch 1 program this past fall after graduating from Pratt Institute in New York. Here is what he shared with us of his experience at SCI-Arc so far:

"I chose architecture because of the way that it makes me think. It is incredibly challenging, but incredibly rewarding. I think that the architectural language that we are enabled to cultivate here is truly unique and exciting and I am convinced that SCI-Arc has the best collection of intellectuals and artists who are completely devoted to the progression of the field.

My concentration was in Interior Design while I was at Pratt. The education that I received there was incredibly dynamic and completely worthwhile. As an undergrad, it fortunately suited my desire for knowledge of art and design, and my enthusiasm towards life in extreme urbanism. The experiences, confrontations, and discoveries that I was able to have as a Pratt student truly influenced my perception of school and work, and convinced me to have a new aspiration for my professional agenda, one that I am finding now through my master's degree at SCI-Arc, the current phase in discovering what my architecture will be.

SCI-Arc’s strong advocacy of innovation and radical thought is what drew me to it, but the personalities that I have encountered here have ensured to me I will not only be gaining the knowledge of how to build buildings but a mentality of influence through architecture. Also, having a faculty assembled entirely of working architects creates an awesome environment in which we gain an irreplaceable awareness to the real profession through our academics.

The lecture series is absolutely one of the highlights of SCI-Arc and of course gives us several more opportunities to be exposed to contemporary work. As a first year graduate student, the many new obstacles of this type of education sometimes seem overwhelming, but I am anxious to see what work that SCI-Arc well help me to produce.

Sara L.

"I chose SCI-Arc because I felt the school could give me an educational experience unique to this institution alone, and the ability to think and create architecture in a more engaging and less traditional way."

H Clark

"Traditional school programs work from A to Z, whereas a program like SCI-Arc may work from Z to A, or A to M to K to Y...." Read more >>

Jeanette H.

"SCI-Arc has a great reputation within the architectural community and is known for its artistic expressions in presentation and experimental design programs."

Tony M.

"A SCI-Arc student is SCI-Arc. Nothing more, nothing less. At SCI-Arc, no style is out of style, or in style. We're in a continuous state of evolution and the school is no longer today what it was yesterday."