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Henry Y.

M.Arch (Sept 2015)
Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea / Berkeley, California

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Why did you choose architecture?
By studying and creating interesting spaces and providing controlled experiences for people, architecture as a study and practice has the potential of changing cultural and traditional relationships within the society. This is one of the most powerful roles played by architecture and the reason why I chose the architectural field.

Why did you choose to attend SCI-Arc?
I have considered many other schools such as Columbia, UCLA, Syracuse, USC, and more. However, every single one of them has a curriculum that is limited as a University, meaning the relationship between students and professors is much more defined. I believe that when we are talking about architecture, everyone has to be on the same level to share their concrete criticisms. SCI-Arc provides that particular atmosphere where everyone can jump in and be a professor and a student at the same time. This is the reason why I chose SCI-Arc over other schools.

What are the strengths of the SCI-Arc curriculum?
SCI-Arc allows me to put myself into the most uncomfortable designing situation, where I have to be creative and overcome that challenge. This is the strength of SCI-Arc’s curriculum.

What are the defining or unique characteristics of SCI-Arc students?
One of the unique characteristics of SCI-Arc students is that we work as a group. We help each other, look for each other, and care for each other. This may be common in some groups of students, however, it is very rare to experience it on a daily basis.

Describe your favorite studio experience at SCI-Arc.
One of my favorite studio experiences would be working with my studio partner and pushing our limits together to study the issues of the semester project. You will receive a lot of different perspectives from your partner if you are willing to sit down and listen. And this is an important lesson especially in the architectural field, where you'll most likely have to work in a team.

Have you been involved in projects outside of the required coursework?
Helping out thesis students was great. Not only do you get to see what you will be facing in two years, but also prepare yourself for your first semester at the school. It was a great opportunity for me to undergo that experience. If a thesis student asks you for help, do not hesitate to say yes, because otherwise you will regret it later.

What are your plans upon graduation from SCI-Arc? How will your education at SCI-Arc help you achieve your goals in the future?
My ultimate goal is to become a professor of architecture. Since SCI-Arc’s education does try to be different from other conventional universities, it will allow me to have a very distinctive point of view and I believe this will be an advantage for me.

Patricia J.

"I see architecture around myself and almost always look at it, take it in, like it or criticize it, and remember why." Read more >>

Peter V.

"It's fascinating to build...and to destroy! At SCI-Arc, we all share a certain curiosity for capital A, Architecture, a will to build, and of course to discuss this whole process. " Read more >>

Sara L.

"I chose SCI-Arc because I felt the school could give me an educational experience unique to this institution alone, and the ability to think and create architecture in a more engaging and less traditional way."

Hope P.

"The tools made available at SCI-Arc are just a piece of the puzzle..."