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Joao V.

B.Arch (May '15)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

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What is it about Architecture that drives you?
Architecture is a very complex field. It’s a mixture of mathematics, economics, history, and several other areas of study. You can never know everything, yet it is this pursuit which drives me.

Why did you choose to attend SCI-Arc?
I chose to attend SCI-Arc because of the strong faculty. All the major architects of the 21st Century are here at SCI-Arc and I wanted to be here to learn from them.

What are the strengths of the SCI-Arc curriculum?
The strength of the SCI-Arc curriculum is that it is always changing. The faculty at SCI-Arc is constantly updating the curriculum, gearing it toward the newest and most innovative ideas. So, we (the students) are constantly at the forefront of innovation in the field.

What are the defining or unique characteristics of SCI-Arc students?
The most defining characteristic of SCI-Arc students is their sense of identity. Every student I’ve encountered at SCI-Arc embodies a unique style and it shows in their work. The great thing about SCI-Arc is that you are allowed to pursue your individual interests and the instructors guide and help you to develop those ideas.

What is your favorite studio experience at SCI-Arc?
The best studio experience so far has been the mid-term presentations because it is your chance as a student to present your work to a larger body of architects outside of the classroom. And, when presentation time shows up (if you haven’t already passed out from the lack of sleep) you’re left standing in front of some of the most prominent figures in architecture and you have about five minutes to present seven weeks’ worth of work. It’s a ride.

Have you been involved in projects outside of the required coursework?
Since, I’ve entered SCI-Arc… no. 3A studio is too demanding.

What are your plans upon graduation from SCI-Arc? How will your education at SCI-Arc help you achieve your goals in the future?
I plan to work at a studio, until I gain enough experience to start a firm. While, at SCI-Arc I am gaining the design methods and the networking necessary to break into the architecture field.

Patrice C.

"There is a certain level of permanency in architecture which I could not achieve as a classical violinist. As an architect, I will be able to expand my efforts to include not only sound but also visual expressions."

Jonathan D.C.

"The thing about Architecture that drives me is the ability to make a difference in people’s lives through the design of new architecture"

Maysun K.

"I personally find SCI-Arc like a wonderland, with each student's work being mysterious in its own way."

Matheos A.

"At SCI-Arc, we are not learning a way to solve a problem, but a way to learn in itself and how we can apply that to any problem we face..." Read more >>

Rachel B.

"SCI-Arc is anything but your typical architecture school. It is its own culture in itself, from the level of work being produced to the studio culture and the unity and collaboration between faculty and students."