Inside SCI-Arc

Kenji H.

M.Arch (Sept 2016)
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

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What is it about architecture that drives you?
As a kid I've always liked building things and I think it is the idea of world building that intrigues me most. With an undergrad in history I am also interested in what lasting impact we can have on the world. Whether built or not, the creative endeavors we pursue to shape our environment and society are what drives me to become a great architect.

Why did you choose to attend SCI-Arc?
SCI-Arc's reputation precedes it! I am really interested in SCI-Arc’s desire and commitment to pushing the bounds of architectural discourse. Also the nature of the community in and around the school is fantastic.

What are the strengths of SCI-Arc’s curriculum?
I would say the hands on nature of the program. Not just the hundreds of models we end up making, but also the efforts and passion of the instructors, who are all practicing architects, to educate us and open our minds to new ways of thinking and doing.

What are the defining or unique characteristics of SCI-Arc students?
The school is your home more than your home. You can usually find most studios occupied by students working late into the morning.

What is your favorite studio experience?
The camaraderie that develops between everyone in studio. Everyone works just as hard as you and everyone is there to have your back.

Have you been involved in projects outside of the required coursework?
I was selected to attend SCI-Arc after doing the Making+Meaning summer program. It was almost like a boot camp introduction into what studying at SCI-Arc is like. Helping out during thesis is also a great way to get introduced to the school. I had the chance to interact and learn from those who were just finishing up their time here, and it's a real advantage being able to see where you could be by the end of your degree. I plan on getting more involved with other projects as my time here continues.

What are your plans upon graduation from SCI-Arc? How will your education at SCI-Arc help you achieve your goals in the future? Hopefully to work in the field, wherever that happens to take me. With SCI-Arc's education I have no doubt I'll be able to achieve that.

Patricia J.

"I see architecture around myself and almost always look at it, take it in, like it or criticize it, and remember why." Read more >>

Peter V.

"It's fascinating to build...and to destroy! At SCI-Arc, we all share a certain curiosity for capital A, Architecture, a will to build, and of course to discuss this whole process. " Read more >>

Sara L.

"I chose SCI-Arc because I felt the school could give me an educational experience unique to this institution alone, and the ability to think and create architecture in a more engaging and less traditional way."

Henry Y.

"Architecture as a study and practice has a potential of changing cultural and traditional relationship with the society."