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Makenzie M.

MArch 2 (Sept'13)
Hometown: Chicago, IL

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A graduate of the University of Illinois, Chicago, Makenzie is her first year in the advanced 2-year Master of Architecture program at SCI-Arc.

Why did you choose architecture?
My desire to attend architecture school grew from my experience on the construction site. I was working for my family’s construction and excavation company when I realized I was interested in how the architecture and building environment develops through material fabrication and design. I have always been interested in arts and the relationship between the creative process and the visual experience that it can convey to both the creator and their audience. My initial plan was to complete an undergraduate degree in Engineering and a Masters in Architecture; however, as I spent more time in the design studio, I realized that I most enjoyed the working atmosphere in which could influence a new way of thinking about creativity and the potential implications on our environments.

Why did you choose to attend SCI-Arc?
I chose to attend SCI-Arc for a number of reasons. Upon application I did not fully understand the educational culture here at SCI-Arc; however, I did know that after four years at the University of Illinois at Chicago that I needed to continue to study at an institution that promoted unique ways of thinking. I feel that the structure of a large institution was instrumental in my undergraduate study of architecture, and that SCI-Arc would subsequently be a great opportunity to develop a new perspective. I was also very excited knowing that a small school would give me the chance to build valuable relationships with both the students and faculty.

What are your plans upon graduation from SCI-Arc?
After graduating from SCI-Arc I hope to travel and broaden my exposure to the international, cultural, and political diversity of design. One of my favorite aspects of the school is the diversity in the student body. The perspective that each student brings with their own unique cultural context, adds another layer of inspiration to the design process for studio projects. During my study abroad in Germany for my undergraduate program, I realized how important the context of place and politics is to developing an international design approach. In addition, the tools and experience provided, SCI-Arc will prepare me to venture and explore the field through actual experience.

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