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Mahzuza 'Maysun' K.
B. Arch
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Maysun, an undergraduate student at SCI-Arc, defines architecture as "a field of study with remarkable scope of constructive work and creativity." After reviewing B.Arch programs at various architecture schools in the US and abroad, she chose SCI-Arc because of its unconventional atmosphere, coupled with the freedom students have to explore particular topics of interest in architecture and design.

"At SCI-Arc, we're not given a solution to the problem or presented a method to do things," says Maysun. "It's us who have to solve the problem and the design issues that arise with it, and in our journey, we end up discovering a lot of hidden talents within us."

Maysun's description of the studio atmosphere at SCI-Arc: "I personally find it like a wonderland, with each student's work being mysterious in its own way. SCI-Arc is like a hidden treasure of opportunities and exploration of creativity and talents, where students are encouraged to push the boundaries of conventional architecture."

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Tony M.

"A SCI-Arc student is SCI-Arc. Nothing more, nothing less. At SCI-Arc, no style is out of style, or in style. We're in a continuous state of evolution and the school is no longer today what it was yesterday."

Rachel B.

"SCI-Arc is anything but your typical architecture school. It is its own culture in itself, from the level of work being produced to the studio culture and the unity and collaboration between faculty and students."