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Ryan Tyler M.

MArch 2 (Sept'13)
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

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A first-year graduate student, Ryan Tyler M. enrolled into SCI-Arc's MArch 2 program this past fall after graduating from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Here is what he shared with us of his experience at SCI-Arc so far:

Although my education at SCI-Arc has only been for three months, I can say that this school is unlike any Architecture school I’ve seen or heard of. It still holds some mystery in terms of where it is going, however I believe this basic understanding of the school helps continuously feed an ever-changing and dynamic pedagogy.

I find that seeking a graduate degree from any Architectural institution right now is actually a very tough thing. Especially when not knowing where our profession is going. To me it seems many institutions are doing very similar things. I think what differs in SCI-Arc are a couple things, the faculty and students push each other to new grounds and territories that are often uncomfortable for both parties but in the end produces interesting work. Second, the faculty at SCI-Arc do not have tenure positions, and while there are in fact many faculty that have been at SCI-Arc for several years, the basic concept of not having tenure positions promotes new professors with fresh ideas on Architecture as well as different disciplines. Another key reason why I think this school is a good choice is its location in Los Angeles. If you know much about the city you know it has a rich Architectural legacy, one that is constantly building upon.

To my surprise, the enchanting work that the school has been producing over the past years has an enriching theoretical context to it. Having instructors like Dr. Marcelyn Gow and Dr. Todd Gannon helps not only with understanding where Architecture has come from but also where it might go in the future.

SCI-Arc is creating the Architectural leaders of tomorrow. The school is a design school, challenging a spectrum of Architectural lexicons. I know that over the next four terms I will be challenged, architecturally, intellectually and personally and I will embrace these endeavors with full capacity.

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Makenzie M.
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