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Tony M.

BArch (May '14)
Hometown: Miami, FL

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Why did you choose architecture?
Growing up there were a few things that really interested me and going through school certain concepts, traits, were brought out of me. Thinking logically, and troubleshooting issues became something I enjoyed at a young stage. So working from there I always found myself desiring to come across problems and figuring out the best solution. Applying those ideals towards the future, architecture grew into the best suitable fit; it’s the constant discovery of issues in society and applying the material solution to them.

Why did you choose to attend SCI-Arc?
I always found this question very enjoyable, due to the fact that it makes no sense to me. I never sat down and said, I want SCI-Arc. After learning about it, seeing it, experiencing it and being introduced to the SCI-Arc culture, I knew it was no longer a choice, but something I needed to become part of. Everything about SCI-Arc fits me, making me feel comfortable about pushing and challenging myself. I never thought there was another choice of schools, because to me, there wasn’t.

What are the strengths of the SCI-Arc curriculum?
One of the best things about SCI-Arc’s curriculum is that it doesn’t fully separate students based on their level in the program. You walk down the hallways witnessing thesis reviews and 10 feet away you have 1A students working on their first model ever. This open, family-like cohesiveness is what makes it a pleasure to walk the hallways at SCI-Arc; and given that it is a quarter-mile long building, there is usually always something to experience.

What are the defining or unique characteristics of SCI-Arc students?
A SCI-Arc student is SCI-Arc. Nothing more, nothing less. You think of Harvard and think sweaters; Princeton, you think green parks and brick buildings; you think SCI-Arc, you see design, students exposing themselves as they want to. No style is out of style, or in style. It’s you. SCI-Arc is in a continuous state of evolution and the school is no longer today what it was yesterday.

Describe your favorite studio experience at SCI-Arc.
My favorite so far has been thesis weekend. Being in studio and having our professors working with students 5 years ahead of us. Seeing the students stay night after night, mess everywhere, tears, smiles, dogs running, coffee cups everywhere, the glistening screen of apple computers shining in the hallways, steaming from productivity. Then, the day comes, halls are sparkling, shining, as are the projects. People have a clean shave, nearly unrecognizable to their previous days appearance. This ability for a location to house creativity, and display it within hours, minutes is what shows that this cannot be a school, but a continuous think tank, focused on leaving the physical world at the door.

Have you been involved in projects outside of the required coursework?
Since I started at SCI-Arc this past summer, I have worked on 2 installations with Eric Kahn as part of his summer studio class. Also, I worked with Volkan Alkanoglu on his Art Basel installation.

What are your plans upon graduation from SCI-Arc? How will your education at SCI-Arc help you achieve your goals in the future?
Once moving on educationally from SCI-Arc I am determined to continue my education throughout my career, my main goal being to be one day able to teach. I love the feeling I get in school, being pushed by my professors to be focused and go beyond my limits, and I hope I can do the same for generations of architects to come.

Amir M.

"Since I was a small kid, I have always wanted to be an Architect; designing and building always fascinated me. This dream never changed but the meaning of the word did. I see that in Architecture one can never stop growing"

Hope P.

"The tools made available at SCI-Arc are just a piece of the puzzle..."

Matheos A.

"At SCI-Arc, we are not learning a way to solve a problem, but a way to learn in itself and how we can apply that to any problem we face..." Read more >>

Peter V.

"It's fascinating to build...and to destroy! At SCI-Arc, we all share a certain curiosity for capital A, Architecture, a will to build, and of course to discuss this whole process. " Read more >>