Inside SCI-Arc

Community Design

Since moving to downtown Los Angeles, SCI-Arc has sought opportunities to engage various local communities by spearheading a number of tactical, action-based projects, which enable students to collaborate directly with community agencies and undertake design/build projects.

Each project deals with some form of practical and urgent problem solving circumstance. This might involve the creation of built structures or functional implements, or the imparting of vital skills to community members or at-risk groups.

Drawing upon the professional expertise of architects, urban planners, computer designers, visual artists, social scientists, cultural theorists and others, SCI-Arc faculty and students have demonstrated a powerful capacity to impact specific social problems, working with intentionally short lead-times and reacting quickly to address immediate conditions.

Whether coordinating with local government, city or community agencies, private industry, educational or philanthropic institutions, or local residents, SCI-Arc's Community Design Program is known for applying solutions that are at once uniquely innovative and personally felt.

SCI-Arc's Community Programs are made possible in part by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.