Inside SCI-Arc

Betsy Cole
M.Arch 1

I had taken a summer architecture course at another school, and was afraid Making + Meaning would be repetitive. However, the M + M program was unlike anything else I had done. It was not only a valuable exercise in spatial thinking and skills development, it was equally important to me that I got to know how the school worked and created relationships with my incoming classmates and instructors before the intensity of the first semester began.

As an Art History major, I lacked that artistic and spatial background that students who had majored in architecture as undergrads had developed. Making + Meaning gave me exposure to a studio experience and I worked through exercises that were built upon in the coming year—not repeated. The weekend day trips were good reminders of why I was there in the first place: I love architecture.

As it turned out, the workload and the studio environment were apt indicators of what was to come. If the M.Arch program is kindergarten, M+M is preschool. You hit the ground running."

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