Inside SCI-Arc

Jean Monestime
M.Arch 1

I survived undergraduate school doing two things: honing my skills as a painter and acquiring a love for the "built thing." It was this love that steered me to Architecture, its discourse and imaginative possibilities. Making + Meaning allowed me to recognize undeveloped areas in my creative process that had never surfaced in all the work I had produced until that point.

As an MFA, my artistic success stemmed completely from an intuitive process. It wasn't until facing the rigors of Making + Meaning that I realized how little of my own "design" ability I actually controlled.

Learning how not to default to structural bases, how to best approach the merging of multiple systems and unorthodox organization are things I would not have learned to such a standard anywhere else. I even learned how to deal with impossible group project dynamics, basically, how to get along until you get it done!

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