Inside SCI-Arc

Josh Alcantar
Senior at California Academy of Mathematics and Science and applicant for the SCI-Arc Fall 2010 B.Arch program

The most comfortable studio environment I have ever walked in was into the SCI-Arc building. I enjoyed the ability to be surrounded by other individuals who care about what I think. This creates an atmosphere that is calming yet exciting.

The Making + Meaning program gave me the opportunity to put my foot into the doorway of an architect's life. It gave the opportunity to settle the ground for my future. I was introduced to new tools and techniques and gained the confidence to take on what the next major assignment might be.

The one aspect of SCI-Arc that most surprised me was how calm the studio environment is. Once the assignment is given, it is up to the individual to start the task. It gives total freedom to the students to complete it in any way they feel best. Instructors cannot tell students how to finish a product because it is the personal approach that makes it unique. This way of teaching took me by surprise. I never expected that I would be able to achieve this success.

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