Inside SCI-Arc

Summer Programs

During summer, SCI-Arc organizes two independent programs—Making+Meaning and Design Immersion Days—dedicated to anyone interested in the discipline of architecture. From those gauging their interest and curiosity in architecture to those beginning an architecture degree, both programs are a platform for individual learning in a collective environment.

Making + Meaning is a five-week summer program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture that introduces the principles of architecture in a hands-on exploration of spatial experimentation, design methodologies and the creative process.

During this intensive program, students survey and challenge the discipline's boundaries by drawing, making and constructing. Methodologies range from material experimentation to compositional strategies; from imagination to inhabitation.

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Design Immersion Days
SCI-Arc's Design Immersion Days is a four-week summer program devoted to introducing high school students to architecture and design. Rising juniors and seniors will be offered the opportunity to explore careers in architecture and design or simply satisfy deep curiosities about how products, buildings, and environments are designed and made. Among skills students will acquire in the program are freehand sketching, photography, critical and analytical thinking, non-linear thinking, design drawing, design modeling, graphic presentation, and portfolio layout and design.

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Summer Courses, Workshops & Seminars for SCI-Arc Students
Summer at SCI-Arc offers a broad range of studios and courses for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, as well as graduate thesis. Students in advanced studios construct their own curriculum by selecting studios and/or seminar courses. Seminars include Cultural Studies, Visual Studies and Applied Studies courses, professional development seminars and courses in the SCI-Arc Community Design Program. Core SCI-Arc students are able to enroll for full- or part-time summer studies at the level for which they qualify.

Students have the opportunity to work for a concentrated period of time with experts in fields that include architecture, engineering, art, history and theory. SCI-Arc workshops involve an intense and full-time effort.

Select workshops and seminars are open to students visiting from other institutions.

For a list of available summer workshops and seminars or to register, visiting students can contact Lisa Russo, Office of the Registrar, at