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Applied Studies Seminars  
Tom Wiscombe, Applied Studies Coordinator

Architecture is about the way we make worlds, worlds populated with subjects and objects, the definitions of which are always mediated by their cultural significance.

Embedded in that act of "making" as the transposition and materialization of abstract ideas into spatial form, is the conception of technology as the necessary means by which that complex process takes place. The continuous definition and challenge of the multiple ways we make the world and its physical environment constitute the fundamental motivation of the Applied Studies program at SCI-Arc.

The program offers a range of courses that critically engage technology and its spatial and social consequences. Foundation courses are offered in Physics and other sciences, building systems, structural analysis, tectonics, material development, acoustics, lighting and environmental control. Advanced courses explore the design consequences of the continued material and technical development of architectural proposals in the physical world. Elective courses offer the unique opportunity to further research and experiment with highly specific technologies that constantly redefine the conventions of architecture as a discipline and as a practice. Recent courses explore topics as diverse as parametric design, structural optimization, advanced geometry, composite tectonics, material research and development, complex assemblies, as well as ecology, biomimicry and solar performance.