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Cultural Studies Seminars  
Peter Zellner, Cultural Studies Coordinator

Cultural Studies at SCI-Arc is uniquely tailored to meet the educational needs of emerging architects and designers in the contemporary field. As a necessary step in their enculturation, "Cultural Studies" at SCI-Arc refers to the study of architectural cultures: Design cultures, building cultures, disciplinary interiority and exteriority, canons and traditions, critiques and avant-gardisms. In this manner, it is both fundamental and interdisciplinary: The core program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is comprised of courses in Urban Studies, Visual Culture, Philosophy, New Media, Critical Theory, and all aspects of Architectural History, Theory and Criticism.

After completion of their core studies, students may enroll in a series of advanced seminar electives which represent the most current conceptualizations, discourse and production in architectural studies. In addition to courses offered by regular faculty, the Cultural Studies program seeks authors and critics worldwide to share their recent work in this forum. Many courses are offered in conjunction with publications and conferences, or enlist the active participation of students in research endeavors. Therefore, while some elective courses do recur, all are subject to shifts in content and attention.