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SCI-Arc’s Master of Science in Design Theory and Pedagogy one-year program prepares students for a new kind of hybrid career that has emerged in architecture: the architect-theorist-educator.

Coordinator: Marcelyn Gow

The world is changing, and the formerly strict separation between architectural practice and academia is fading thanks to new research models at universities and new knowledge-based forms of practice. Yet despite the importance of this new role, academia has yet to produce a program to train talented young architects to occupy it; at traditional universities, there are separate programs to educate practitioners versus scholars.

The MS in Design Theory and Pedagogy program occupies a space in between these two known models and targets specifically a hybrid career in academia. Utilizing SCI-Arc itself as a hands-on teaching laboratory, the long-term project of the program is to develop new design pedagogies and a new apparatus for the production of design theory.

The program requires attendance in the fall, spring, and summer terms.