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The SCI-Arc EU Scholarship covers 100% of tuition for the first year of the M.Arch 2 program for a citizen of the European Union.

This scholarship does not cover the cost of living expenses, health insurance, personal expenses, fees, or supplies.


  • To be a citizen of one of the countries in the European Union (proof of citizenship will be required)
  • To have studied architecture at a college/university and have received what is equivalent to an undergraduate architecture degree in the United States, by August 1, 2022
  • To submit a completed application and required materials for review (A personal portfolio of architectural work is required.)
  • To be able to demonstrate proficiency of the English language (Finalists for the scholarship will be contacted for a phone interview.)

Application Process

To apply, students must complete the followings steps:

  • Complete the online application form and submit the $85 application fee.
  • Upload all required application materials to SlideRoom ( The deadline for submitting application materials is final and expires at midnight on January 15, 2022 (Pacific Standard Time). The submission of applications will not be allowed after the indicated deadline. Once the application has been submitted, no changes or additions will be allowed. Extensions will not be granted under any circumstances. Specific details regarding the application materials listed below can be found on SlideRoom.

Restrictions and Details

  • Only one application per person can be submitted.
  • Students who are currently receiving scholarship support or financial aid from SCI-Arc are ineligible to apply for the EU scholarship.
  • Students who have previously applied for the M.Arch 2 program for the 2019-2020 academic year are ineligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Individuals who currently have outstanding debts to SCI-Arc are not eligible for consideration for this scholarship.
  • The evaluation and selection of the applications will be held in two (2) phases:
  • Phase One: Qualification SCI-Arc will verify that all applications submitted meet the requirements and applicants have submitted all supporting documentation required. Applicants will receive an email from SCI-Arc once all application information has been verified and all requirements have been met.
  • Phase Two: Review All applications will be reviewed by Hernan Diaz Alonso (SCI-Arc Director), Elena Manferdini (Graduate Programs Chair), and one guest juror. All decisions made by SCI-Arc are final.

Scholarship Results and Conditions

  • The results of the scholarship will be published during mid-April on SCI-Arc's official website. SCI-Arc will also notify the winning recipient via email.
  • The winning recipient will receive official acceptance documentation from the SCI-Arc Office of Admissions outlining the conditions and details of their acceptance and scholarship. A $500 nonrefundable deposit will be required within 14 days of receiving the official documentation to secure their scholarship and position in the program. If no response is given within this time frame, the scholarship will be granted to the second place applicant and so forth, etc.
  • The scholarship will cover 100% of tuition for the M.Arch 2 program for the first year (two semesters). The scholarship will not cover the cost of the Introduction to Digital Design (IDD) workshop that is required for all incoming M.Arch 2 students.
  • The winning recipient must be able to demonstrate the financial ability to cover their living expenses for one year. If the winning recipient is unable to provide sufficient documentation to SCI-Arc through other scholarships or personal resources, the scholarship will be granted to the second place applicant and so forth, etc.
  • SCI-Arc may revoke the scholarship granted to the selected candidate if any breach or violation of the Participation Rules and Scholarship Conditions is determined at any time.
  • The winning recipient is eligible to renew the scholarship for the second year of the M.Arch 2 program if the recipient’s academic performance during the first year is within the top 10% of their class and cumulative GPA is a minimum of 3.7.
  • This scholarship may be combined with other scholarships provided by individuals, companies, or institutions not connected with SCI-Arc.