Offramp 13: Launch Reception

Mezzanine Gallery
November 01, 2017 at 6:30pm

Please join us for a reception and launch of the thirteenth issue of SCI-Arc's online journal Offramp.

The ubiquity of digital technology has rearranged and restructured our modes of perception and experience; simultaneously creating illusive, yet palpable relationships to one another and our mechanisms of interaction. Our unprecedented access to the Internet, enables us to consume news, images, and information (both legitimate and illegitimate) rapidly. As a result, we interact with media superficially, obligated to instantly accept or reject the outward appearance of things in the form of ‘likes’ and emojis. This commodification of form and image has profound implications for the discipline; in the way we produce, discuss, and represent architecture. Offramp 13: Guise includes essays and projects that reflect on the oscillation between observing what is immediately perceivable and contemplating the indexicality of its construction.


Offramp 13 is edited by Garet Ammerman [M.S. Design Theory & Pedagogy ‘17] and Matthew Lopez [M.S. Design Theory & Pedagogy ‘17]. Contributors include: Ferda Kolatan, Florencia Pita, Marcelyn Gow, Garet Ammerman, Matthew Lopez, Pierce Meyers, David Eskenazi, Michael Young, Todd Gannon, Jia Gu, Marcelo Spina, Keith Marks, Andrew Goodhouse and Albert Ferré.