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Faculty Conversation: David Eskenazi

Room 160
November 18, 2016 at 1:00pm

David Eskenazi: Paper Space Oddities
Conversation moderated by Anna Neimark

From Powers of Ten to Google Earth, from the mouse wheel to the screen pinch, and from the scaled drawing to AutoCAD’s paper space, the arc from scaled representation to screen resolution is long underfoot, as the size of a thing is no longer tethered to the scale of its representation. Returning to the relationship of size, scale, and zoom, the lecture positions the screen and the printer at opposing ends of a production space wrestling with the size of its descriptions.

The talk will present the work completed during two recent fellowships, ranging from videos and models to a full size gallery installation. Each format will compare the production and documentation of varying sizes of objects through scaled drawings, zoomable images, and gravitational deformations and arrangements.

David Eskenazi is a Paris born, Pittsburgh raised, and Los Angeles based architectural designer and educator. He leads his own creative practice, D.ESK, whose recent work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Ann Arbor and Columbus. David was awarded the 2015 Oberdick Fellowship at the University of Michigan and the 2014 LeFevre Fellowship at the Ohio State University, and is currently a design studio and visual studies faculty at SCI-Arc at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His writing has been published in Project, Pidgin, and elsewhere, and he has been a guest critic and lecturer at numerous institutions across the United States. David received a Master of Architecture with distinction from SCI-Arc and a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.

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