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Student DEI Initiatives

  • SCI-Arc hosts a new series of recruitment events called Trans(fer)mation Days, designed to strengthen relationships with local universities and community colleges from which significant numbers of minority applicants express interest in transferring into the undergraduate program. During these events, students from participating colleges spend the day engaging in student life at SCI-Arc. Participants learn about programs, attend reviews or other curricular events in action, and most importantly, present their own work to SCI-Arc faculty for advice and guidance on how to best showcase that work in a portfolio.
  • SCI-Arc's summer architecture program for high school students, Design Immersion Days (DID), is designed to introduce students to the career possibilities in the fields of design and architecture. The program helps to establish a greater understanding of the built environment in the community, and for some, open up the possibility of becoming a student at SCI-Arc. With the help of philanthropic support, 50% of the available seats each summer in the DID program are reserved for students on full financial need scholarships.
  • Pop-Arc community engagement program facilitates workshops with high school students both locally and internationally, led by SCI-Arc faculty and student teaching assistants. Each Pop-Arc grows out of an institutional partnership and is developed to expose youth to architectural and design thinking. Each workshop is tailored to a specific student population, and above all, encourages students to think critically about formal decisions, take risks, and have fun.