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In the face of the global movement for racial justice led by Black Lives Matter in 2020, SCI-Arc recommitted itself to ensuring that it is doing right by its students, employees, and local communities, especially those who have been historically and presently excluded from the fields of architecture and design.

We have specifically focused on student recruitment and retention initiatives; deepening our community partnerships throughout Los Angeles and Southern California; making sure our school culture values and supports everyone; and teaching students how to think and design architecturally in a world whose social environments become increasingly multifaceted and complex. Here is a status report of those efforts:

Current Initiatives: Community Engagement
Status/Start Date
Create Position + Hire Community Engagement Coordinator
Filled: 08/2021
Build Community Engagement Working Groups: R*SEARCH, Curriculum, and Pipeline Development
Fall 2021
Further Develop 5 year Partnership with SoCal NOMA
In progress
Increase Funding for Public Programs
In progress
Develop SCI-Arc R*SEARCH Partnerships (PANDO Days + Tiny Town)
Fall 2021
Current Initiatives: School Culture & Values
Status/Start Date
Create Position + Hire Director of DEI
Filled: 02/2021
Deliver school wide DEI trainings, series, and programs
In progress
Offer DEI continued education for faculty and staff
In progress
Implement DEI into New Student Orientation
In progress
Deliver Campus Climate Survey Spring 2022
Fall 2021
Increase DEI visibility (Website + Social Media + Community Presentations)
In progress
Integrate DEI into Performance Reviews (Employees)
Spring 2022
Support Departmental Assessments & Planning
In progress
Current Initiatives: Student Recruitment & Retention
Status/Start Date
Expanded Mentoring Programs: Peer Mentors, Alumni Mentors, E&I Scholars Mentoring, Faculty Mentoring
In progress
Develop SoCal recruitment pipeline plan (middle schools, high schools, and community colleges)
Fall 2021
Increase budget for Equity & Inclusion Scholarships
In progress
Develop NOMA pipeline
In progress
Deliver initiative through 5 year partnership with SoCal NOMA
In progress
Leverage Pop Arc, DID, Making+Meaning for recruitment
In progress
DEI Working Groups and Focus Areas
Student Support
Student Outreach + Mentoring
New Student Orientation
Collaborations w/ STUN
DEI in the Workplace
Employee Policies
Recruitment Practices
Professional Development
Building Sustainable Partnerships
Funding Opportunities
Community Engaged Lab Assistant Training
New Courses
Community Based Course Support
Resources for SCI-Arc Community
Pipeline Development
Relationships with Local Schools/Districts
Collaborations Across Outreach Programs
Develop Student Mentor/TA Opportunities