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The SCI-Arc Annual Fund is an important source of revenue for the school’s operating budget and provides financial support for SCI-Arc’s most pressing needs, including scholarships.

Those wishing to make a difference may ask themselves, ‘Why support architecture?’

At SCI-Arc, we believe that architecture not only shapes our world, but that it has the power to transform our society. We see it as a platform for exploring alternate realities and possibilities. We embrace the unique opportunities that architects have to effect change at both macro and micro levels.

“Everyone interacts with the built environment every day, whether in your home, walking down the street, driving in your car, or going to the market. In studying architecture, we have the ability to touch everyone’s lives.”

Corie Yaguchi (B.Arch)

Architecture not only surrounds us, it influences us at every level. At SCI-Arc, we recognize the vast power that architecture—and architects—have to liberate, to uplift, and to protect. We not only educate future generations of architects, we empower those who will become agents for social good, public health, technological innovation, education, and inspiration.

We ask you to support architecture. By giving to SCI-Arc, you are providing future architects the tools to create a better world for us all, fueling a hopeful vision of a global community. Architecture shapes our world—and you have the power to shape SCI-Arc.