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As stewards of the built world, we have the power and the responsibility to affect positive change from within, which begins with transformative measures to confront a pervasive and persistent lack of access, inclusion, and equity. Recognizing that the change begins with us, a key component of SCI-Arc’s Structural Actions to Promote Access, Equity, and Inclusion in Architecture is the Equity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund at SCI-Arc.

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The Equity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund enables promising students who are often marginalized to access a world-class educational environment. These students each bring a unique and nuanced perspective and valuable experience to their education in architectural thinking, diversifying a field that has historically been dominated by Eurocentric aesthetic ideals.

By offering these scholarships, SCI-Arc aims to promote and uplift underrepresented voices in architecture and foster a better learning experience for all, especially those who have been historically excluded. We are proud to support our students as they develop the skills, tools, and educational foundation that they will someday use to shape the future of the architectural profession.

Join us in building a more diverse and inclusive SCI-Arc by making a gift today.