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Thought-provoking, intimate, and often surprising, The Arc interrogates the issues of our time.

Hosted by History + Theory Coordinator Marrikka Trotter, each themed episode juxtaposes discussions with thought leaders in architecture with interviews with experts and intellectuals from a wide range of other fields, including astrophysics, politics, fine art, set design, journalism, and genetics, among others. The lively dialogue that emerges between the discipline of architecture and other forms of knowledge aims to provoke fresh ways to engage our world.


  • Scale with SCI-Arc Undergraduate Program Chair Tom Wiscombe, production designer Bill Boes, and neuroscientist Dr. Yawende Pearse.
  • Roughness with activist, art and architectural historian, and SCI-Arc Teaching Fellow Liz Hirsch, SCI-Arc design faculty Mira Henry, and Mistress Lucy Kahn.
  • Lines with SCI-Arc design faculty Kristy Balliet, artist Lisa Schulte, and LA Metro’s Dr. Joshua Schank.
  • Dimensionality with UCLA postdoctoral scholar in Astronomy and Astrophysics Louis Abramson, SCI-Arc senior faculty and Visual Studies Coordinator Devyn Weiser, and art historian, curator, and author Andy Campbell.
  • Flatness with doctoral student in infectious disease epidemiology at UCLA Megan Halbrook and professor of urban design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck, and SCI-Arc faculty Peter Trummer.