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February 09, 2016

SCI-Arc Launches SCI-Arc Mexico

SCI-Arc Mexico kicks off spring 2016 with a series of international studios, exhibitions, conferences and symposia.
February 04, 2016

SCI-Arc Launches Curatorial Program

SCI-Arc launches a curatorial summer program led by renowned theorist, critic and historian Sylvia Lavin. Making Exhibitions in Architecture Today (MEAT), the first in a series of postgraduate seminars.
January 28, 2016

SCI-Arc Announces Close-up

SCI-Arc is pleased to announce the launch of Close-up, a public exhibition opening March 11 in the SCI-Arc Gallery.
December 15, 2015

SCI-Arc Announces Spring 2016 Public Events

The Spring 2016 public lectures include speakers from a broad range of disciplines, as well as the new series Duels+Duets, unscripted conversations between a cross-section of practitioners. The lecture series is accompanied by several exhibitions.
December 01, 2015

SCI-Arc Launches SCI-Arc Shanghai

SCI-Arc Shanghai is the first in a series of international workshops, preparatory programs, conferences and symposia intended to expand SCI-Arc’s outstanding reputation for architectural education and speculative learning to a broader audience.
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