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2017 Undergraduate Thesis Weekend

Join us for the SCI-Arc 2017 Undergraduate Thesis Weekend beginning on Friday, April 21st (from 2pm-6pm) and concluding on Saturday, April 22 (from 10am-5:30pm).

April 21, 2017 at 2:00pm
April 22, 2017 at 5:30pm

The SCI-Arc Undergraduate Thesis is the culmination of the five-year B.Arch curriculum. A focused thesis project for a highly resolved building design, both conceptually and technically, manifests the cumulative knowledge students have acquired throughout their education and acts as a point of trajectory from which to engage the discipline, field, and profession at large. The weekend’s events include reviews of 46 thesis projects with over 70 critics including SCI-Arc faculty and invited guests. Guest critics include Winka Dubbeldam, Graham Harman, Catherine Ingraham, Ferda Kolatan, Thom Mayne, Roland Snooks and Neyran Turan.

The thesis projects include the design of a mixed-use residential complex for a site in Downtown Los Angeles; a technology center in Detroit; a green academy in Bologna; a thermal bath in Latvia; a museum of contemporary art in Lima; a residential tower in New York; an extension to the Museum of London; a mixed-use tower in Mexico City; a vertical cemetery in Tokyo; a museum in Berlin; a science center in Lithuania; an animation center in Seoul; and an environmental technology center adjacent to the LA River. The students were advised by M. Casey Rehm, Marcelo Spina, Peter Testa, Michael Young and Melissa Shin and Undergraduate Thesis Coordinator Marcelyn Gow. The Special Thesis Advisor for this year’s class was Wolf D. Prix.

SCI-Arc faculty discussing with a student on an model during presentation