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Symposium: A Queer Query

Organized by David Eskenazi

Symposium 1-4pm
Performances 7-9pm

An event on queerness around architecture today.

W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
October 10, 2020 at 1:00pm
October 10, 2020 at 9:00pm

Let’s agree that a queer architecture must sever ties with received ideas of mastery. It aims to other the architectural canon, but isn’t so dogmatic about its queer identity. Sometimes we might be able to label queerness as such, and sometimes it might pass by unnoticed. Authors may be queer, an audience might decide something’s queer, but queerness always seem to be a subheading, never the main label to a work of architecture or to an architect.

For some thirty years, architectural queerness has tried to become the main label. It constructs personas, favors performance over text, reconfigures urban domesticity, and replaces manifestos with calls for dialogue. Architecture’s references evolved, it’s ranks diversified, and our attention’s moved to structures underpinning the field. It's fair to say that today, architecture is a diffuse association of material practices without a single canon. The field is foggier and perhaps already queerer, yet queerness is not a clear architectural identity. And perhaps it shouldn’t be.

A Queer Query invites architects, theorists, and artists to outline the role that architecture plays in queer culture today, and vice versa. A Saturday discussion prods at queer aesthetics, architectural personas, and disciplinary enactments. A student exhibit and public performance enact questions of visual identities. Lastly, Post Persona, a film exhibition, explores the persona of the architect and artist through world-making, body imaging, and architectural stories.

Two panels of architects, critics, and theorists examine the aesthetic and political interestections of queer culture and architecture. 

Introduction by David Eskenazi


Laida Aguirre
Enrique Agudo
Aaron Betsky
David Eskenazi
Andrew Holder
Andres Jaque
Victor Jones
Jaffer Kolb
Mitch McEwan
Mimi Zeiger

Marcelyn Gow
John Cooper

Fluid, Faggy Lessons for Unveiling Identity Dilemmas

Seminar Workshop led by Enrique Agudo and Leah Wulfman

A mixed reality student installation on performance, identity, and visual culture.

7-9pm: Artists explore queerness through drag, mixed reality, and performance.


B Gosse
Gracie Cartier
Chris Tyler