SCI-Arc Cinema Series: The Shining

The SCI-Arc Cinema Series is free and open to the Public. Shows begin at 7pm in the Keck Auditorium. Popcorn and drinks will be available.

W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
October 03, 2017 at 7:00pm

The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980)
Special Guest Jan Harlan, Stanley Kubrick’s producer from 1975-1999

Jan Harlan joined Stanley Kubrick in 1969 for a film on Napoleon, which was abandoned. He later was Exec Producer on all Kubrick films from Barry Lyndon onwards and worked on other unrealised projects with Stanley Kubrick in-between. After Kubrick’s death in 1999 he worked with Steven Spielberg on “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” and made two documentary films for Warner Bros. and other independent projects. Jan is a guest-lecturer at many different film-schools and often serves in juries at film-competitions. He was instrumental in the formation of the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the University of the Arts London and creating a large exhibition on Stanley Kubrick, which tours the world. Jan lives in the UK.