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Postgraduate Programs

SCI-Arc EDGE, Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture is a platform for speculative scholarship and specialized training offering five postgraduate programs culminating in a Master of Science degree. Focused on expanding the frontiers of architecture in the twenty-first century, each one-year, three-semester program challenges students to confront a distinct territory among emerging disciplinary milieus and define how their ideas will influence the construction of future worlds.

As architecture becomes more specialized in its expertise and more diverse in its applications, it simultaneously necessitates programs of advanced study that can be more targeted, focused, and innovative. SCI-Arc EDGE programs are carefully designed to develop advanced expertise that addresses the complexities of the contemporary world as well as increased demands on the ability of architects to meet the challenges of the future.

SCI-Arc EDGE is a collaborative research platform for students to share specialized knowledge across the various areas of study represented by each program, exposing new concepts and ways of working to change global perceptions of what architecture can do now and in the future.

Facilitating Connection Through Application

SCI-Arc postgraduate curricula create space for students to simultaneously develop their own interests, passions, and agendas while preparing for the careers that will continue to propel their professional practice after graduation. Each EDGE program reinforces students’ technical and conceptual skills with practical applications through collaborations with industry-specific partners. Students also gain exposure to a broad cross-section of professionals from related disciplines and industries, helping them develop a body of work that will support the transition into their chosen field.

Engaging Discourse with EDGE Symposium

Each year, SCI-Arc’s postgraduate curricula culminate in the EDGE Symposium, during which students present their final thesis projects created throughout the year-long EDGE Master of Science degree programs, in Architectural Technologies, Design of Cities, Design Theory and Pedagogy, Fiction and Entertainment, or Synthetic Landscapes. Graduate candidates from each program publicly showcase and host open discussions about their work to examine the topics currently being investigated within SCI-Arc EDGE programs.

Engendering Professional Pathways

SCI-Arc EDGE equips students with critical expertise and a refined professional portfolio to secure careers in their chosen areas of study. SCI-Arc’s postgraduate alumni have gone on to hold esteemed positions in both academia and creative industries worldwide.

  • MS Architectural Technologies

    The Master of Science in Architectural Technologies is a one-year, three-semester program focused on contemporary and near-future design technologies.

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  • MS Fiction and Entertainment

    The Master of Science in Fiction and Entertainment is a one-year, three-semester program where students work with world-renowned professionals in the media industry to develop expertise in worldbuilding, storytelling, and production.

    View more info about MS Fiction and Entertainment

  • MS Design Theory and Pedagogy

    The Master of Science in Design Theory and Pedagogy is a one-year, three-semester program that addresses the growing ambiguity between practice and academia and prepares students for a new kind of hybrid career: the architect-theorist-educator.

    View more info about MS Design Theory and Pedagogy

  • MS Synthetic Landscapes

    The Master of Science in Synthetic Landscapes is a one-year, three-semester program focused on the emerging problematics of ecological design.

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