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DTP Show

September 01, 2021 at 3:00pm
September 02, 2021 at 6:00pm

The DTP Show is curated by the students of the Design Theory and Pedagogy post-graduate class of 2021. Students each invited one speaker influential on their thinking to engage in an hour-long dialogue around topics both central and tangential to their research and pedagogies.

student work grid

This interaction with practicing theorists and practitioners will be an entertaining and enlightening set of discussions. Please join us at

Wednesday, September 1, 3-6 PM PDT

  • Marcelyn Gow in conversation with Reza Salehi: 'Decolonizing pedagogy: The "Learning From..." model'
  • Mark Foster Gage in conversation with Carlo Sturken: 'Roughening the surface'
  • Finnian MacManus in conversation with James Chen: 'Designing in VR'

Thursday, September 2, 3-6 PM PDT

  • Nick Srnicek in conversation with Seymour Polatin: 'Capitalism, when a crisis hits'
  • Jorge Otero-Pailos in conversation with Matthew Ridgeway: 'Some Casts'
  • Andrés Jaque in conversation with Valeria Ospital: 'Care and design: making conflict visible'