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Graduate Thesis Weekend 2022

September 10, 2022 at 9:00am
September 11, 2022 at 2:00pm
Graduate Thesis Review 2022 graphic text on dark green background

Saturday, Sept. 10: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday, Sept. 11: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Join us for the 2022 Graduate Thesis Weekend at SCI-Arc on September 10 and 11. This year’s graduating M.Arch 1 and M.Arch 2 students will present their incredible thesis work, culminating from a year of extensive research and experimentation. We’re excited to be fully in-person and in the SCI-Arc building, bringing back the vital opportunity for students to install and exhibit their work physically, and to engage their audience in real-time.

Crossing over with the first week of the fall term, Graduate Thesis at SCI-Arc is the nexus of school events, cultivating an inevitable link between outgoing thesis ideas with incoming students’ curiosities. The weekend of reviews gives thesis students an invaluable platform to articulate, propose, and defend their work to the SCI-Arc community and beyond. 62 students and 17 faculty advisors will converge with an array of invited guest critics from within and outside the discipline of architecture, to review, debate, and contemplate the provocations of this year's thesis projects.

We welcome our SCI-Arc community to join and support the 2022 Graduate Thesis class on September 10 and 11 as they share their accomplished thesis projects. To preview students’ work visit the Graduate Thesis 2022 website.

Graduate Thesis Coordinator:
Jackilin Hah Bloom

Teaching Assistants:
Jillian Leedy
Kyle Zufra

History + Theory Faculty:
Erik Ghenoiu
Marcelyn Gow

Hernán Díaz Alonso

Vice Director:
John Enright

Graduate Programs Chair:
Elena Manferdini

Faculty Advisors:
Kristy Balliet
Jackilin Hah Bloom
David Eskenazi
Marcelyn Gow
Ramiro Diaz-Granados
Soomeen Hahm
Jeremy Kamal Hartley
Mira Henry
Damjan Jovanović
Elena Manferdini
Rachael McCall
Eric Owen Moss
Anna Neimark
Marcelo Spina
Peter Testa
William Virgil
Devyn Weiser

Guest Critics

Hitoshi Abe

Professor - UCLA AUD, Founder - AHA

Iñaki Alday

Dean - Tulane SOA, Principal - Aldayjover Arquitectura y Paisaje

Matthew Au

SCI-Arc Faculty, Co-Principal – Current Interests

Kutan Ayata

Vice Chair - UCLA AUD, Founding Partner - Young & Ayata

Katy Barkan

Lecturer - UCLA AUD, Principal - Now Here

Germane Barnes

Assistant Professor - University of Miami SOA, Founder - Studio Barnes

Curime Batliner

SCI-Arc Applied Studies Faculty

Dana Bauer

Design Principal - Elysian Landscapes

Herwig Baumgartner

SCI-Arc Applied Studies Coordinator, Partner – B+U

Barbara Bestor

SCI-Arc Board Member, Alum, Principal - Bestor Architecture

Dutra Brown

SCI-Arc Alum, recent graduate of Harvard GSD

Galo Canizares

Assistant Professor - University of Kentucky College of Design, Director - office ca

Jennifer Chen

SCI-Arc Faculty, Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today

Annie Chu

Founding Principal - Chu-Gooding

Andrew Chittenden

SCI-Arc Alum, Computational Consultant, Gehry Technologies, Trimble Consulting

Kate Chiu

Executive Director - Materials & Applications, Lecturer - USC SOA and Woodbury University SOA

John Cooper

SCI-Arc Acting History+Theory Co-Coordinator

Joe Day

SCI-Arc Board Member, Alum, Principal - Deegan Day Design & Architecture

Neil Denari

Professor - UCLA AUD, Principal - NMDA

Yara Feghali

Lecturer - UCLA AUD, Creative Director & Founder - Folly Feast Lab

Brian Flaig

SCI-Arc Board Member, Alum

Heather Flood

Interim Dean - Woodbury SOA, Principal - F-Lab

Russell Fortmeyer

SCI-Arc Faculty, Woods Bagot's Global Sustainability Leader

David Freeland

SCI-Arc Faculty, Co-Principal – Freeland Buck

Benjamin Freyinger

Co-Prinicipal & Co-Founder - The Los Angeles Design Group

Ming Fung

SCI-Arc Faculty, Principal - Mithun | Hodgetts + Fung

Aaron Gensler

Chair - Woodbury SOA, Co-Founder – GenslerClipp

Matthew Gillis

Interim Assistant Professor - Woodbury SOA, Principal - Grant Gillis, Founding Principal - G!LL!S

Margaret Griffin

SCI-Arc Faculty, Partner – Griffin Enright Architects

Graham Harman

Philosopher & SCI-Arc Liberal Arts Coordinator

Kordae Henry

SCI-Arc Faculty, Filmmaker

Craig Hodgetts

Principal - Mithun | Hodgetts + Fung

Coy Howard

SCI-Arc Faculty, Architect

Alvin Huang

Graduate Director - USC Architecture, Principal - Synthesis D+A

Ryan Hughes

San Francisco Based Designer

Georgina Huljich

Faculty - UCLA AUD, Partner - Patterns

Abigail Coover Hume

Adjunct Professor - Pratt Institute SOA, Principal - Overlay Office

Mariana Ibañez

Chair - UCLA AUD, Founding Principal - Ibañez Kim

Jerry Jenkins

Professor - Palomar College

Yuehao Jiang

Lecturer - UCLA Design Media Arts, New Media Artist

Darin Johnstone

SCI-Arc Acting Undergraduate Co-Chair, Principal - DJA

Margarita Jover

Director - Tulane SOA, Principal - Aldayjover Arquitectura y Paisaje

Simon Kim

Associate Professor - UPenn Weitzman School of Design, Principal - Ibañez Kim

Alice Kimm

Partner - JFAK Architects

Karel Klein

SCI-Arc Faculty, Partner – Ruy Klein

Max Kuo

Lecturer - UCLA AUD, Founding Partner - ALLTHATISSOLID

Jimenez Lai

Lecturer - USC SOA, Founder - Bureau Spectacular

WonJu Lim

Multimedia Artist

Karen Lohrmann

SCI-Arc EDGE Design of Cities Faculty

Angelica Lorezi

SCI-Arc Faculty, DID Coordinator

Zoe Malecki

SCI-Arc Alum, Designer - Brooks+Scarpa Architects

Alexey Marfin

SCI-Arc MS Fiction & Entertainment Faculty

Scrap Marshall

Adjunct Professor - Woodbury SOA, Founding Principal - HA+MA

Ryan Tyler Martinez

SCI-Arc Alum, Faculty - USC SOA, Principal - Studio Ryan Tyler Martinez

Jake Matatyaou

Lecturer - UCLA AUD, Founding Partner – JuneJuly

John May

Associate Professor - GSD, Founding Partner - MILLIØNS

Thom Mayne

SCI-Arc Board Member, Founding Partner – Morphosis

John McMorrough

Associate Professor - Taubman College of Architecture, Principal - Studio APT

Laure Michelon

SCI-Arc Alumni, Lecturer - UCLA AUD, Designer - Ishida Rehm Studio

Emily Mohr

SCI-Arc Faculty, Lecturer – USC SOA, Co-Principal – Mohr Rieke Studio

Jerry Neuman

SCI-Arc Board Member

Ginger Nolan

Assistant Professor - USC SOA

Jaime Norden

Gehry Partners

Patricia Olynyk

Director - Washington University School of Design & Visual Arts, Director - Leonardo/ISAST NY LASER

Michael Osman

Associate Professor - UCLA AUD

Dwayne Oyler

SCI-Arc Faculty, Partner – Oyler Wu Collaborative

Güvenc Özel

Lecturer - UCLA AUD, Founder - Ozel Office

Francisco Pardo

SCI-Arc Mexico Faculty, Francisco Pardo Arquitecto

Florencia Pita

SCI-Arc Faculty, Principal – Florencia Pita & Co.

Casey Rehm

SCI-Arc MS Architectural Technologies Coordinator, Principal – Studio Kinch

Julie Riley

SCI-Arc Alum, Designer - Welcome Projects

David Ruy

SCI-Arc Postgraduate Programs Chair, Partner - Ruy Klein

Natasha Sandmeier

Assistant Adjunct Professor - UCLA AUD, Executive Director - A+D Museum

Mohamed Sharif

Assistant Adjunct Professor & Director - UCLA AUD, Founding Principal - Sharif, Lynch: Architecture

Roger Sherman

Design Resilience Leader & Design Director - Gensler, Principal - RSAUD

Kevin Sherrod

Lecturer - USC SOA, Arts & Culture Practice Area Leader – Gensler

Paulette Singley

Professor - Woodbury SOA, Author

Maxi Spina

SCI-Arc Undergraduate Thesis Coordinator, Partner – SpinaGu

Brett Steele

Dean - UCLA School of Arts & Architecture

Dale Strong

SCI-Arc Alum, Partner - Pentagon LA

Nathan Su

Lecturer - UCLA AUD, Founder & Director - Inferstudio

Doris Sung

Director - USC SOA, Founder & Architect - DOSU Studio

Russell Thomsen

SCI-Arc Faculty, Principal – RNThomsen Architecture

Peter Trummer

SCI-Arc Visiting Faculty, Chair – IOUD University of Innsbruck

Jan Tumlir

Lecturer - Washington University School of Design & Visual Arts, Writer - Artforum

Jenny Wu

SCI-Arc Faculty, Partner – Oyler Wu Collaborative

Liam Young

SCI-Arc MS Fiction & Entertainment Coordinator, Founder – Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today