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SCI-Arc Spin Room

The SCI-Arc Spin Room is an area where jurors can speak with thesis students after their review.

September 07, 2018 at 3:15pm
September 09, 2018 at 3:00pm

During SCI-Arc’s 2018 Graduate Thesis Weekend, some of the visiting critics engaged students in more in-depth discussions of their projects. Thesis students will have once last chance to "spin" or influence the juror of their final critiques.


•At 00:11, Mark Wigley discusses with Abagael Warnars her thesis “asLAs”
•At 12:58, Lois Weinthal discusses “American Power Box” with Andrea Cadioli
•At 27:29, Laida Aguirre discusses “Phantasmagoria” with Ross Fernandes


#collage: At 00:15, Miroslava Brooks discusses with Yan Leng her thesis “Red Dream Mansion”
#pixel: At 19:26, Andrew Saunders discusses “Hyper-Resolution” with Evan Mason
#wall: At 33:05, Ivonne Santoyo discusses “Useless Wall: the Border Museum” with Haowen Wu

#color: At 00:12, Jennifer Bonner discusses with Mikiko Takasago her thesis “Nothing” •#meat: At 14:14, Matt Shaw discusses “Moosphere” with Frank Chen
#mat: At 26:30, Amina Blacksher discusses “This is Matness!” with Ashely Hastings
#image: At 39:16, Wolf Prix discusses “Imagined Architecture” with Spencer Daly


#stuff: At 00:11, Michael Shlabs discusses with Nicole Li her thesis “Material Consequences”
#erase: At 14:18, Namik Mackic discusses “Games of Deletion” with Alessio Grancini and Runze Zhang
#object: At 40:49, Graham Harman discusses “Section Towards Elevation” with Andy Magner

#thesis: At 00:11, Michelle Addington, dean of The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, discusses thesis programs with Elena Manferdini, SCI-Arc Graduate Program Chair
#rituals: At 18:10, SCI-Arc design studio instructor Lucy McRae discusses with graduate student Jackson Lukas his thesis, “An Atlas of Endless Mythologies”
#sciarc: At 33:14, Mark Wigley, former Dean of Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, discusses the graduate thesis work with SCI-Arc Director Hernan Diaz Alonso

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