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Deborah Garcia (B.Arch '17): LANDSCAPES OF RAGE

W.M. Keck Hall
November 09, 2022 at 6:00pm

Garcia is a designer, writer, and curator. She holds a Master of Architecture from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. She was a recipient of the Butler Travelling Fellowship which took her to the corporate agricultural complex of the United States heartland where she was a resident at ARTFarm Nebraska and was an invited participant for the 2019 Arctic Circle Expedition in the international territory of Svalbard, Norway. She was a co-curator of THE DRAWING SHOW at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in 2017 and curator of One Night Stand for Art and Architecture-LA in 2016. She is the current Marion Mahony Emerging Practitioner Fellow at the MIT Department of Architecture where she is currently exploring loud-speaking models.

night evening photograph of Maria Texas

Debbie Garcia. MARFA II.

LANDSCAPES OF RAGE presents three stories of research and practice from the perspective of an explorer chasing and discovering ways of making space in the world. From the Chihuahua Desert to the Arctic Circle to the Black Box (a space-within a room-within a university), Deborah Garcia will track her efforts in engaging the tools and language of architecture to actively create new imaginaries and craft escape plans from colonial fantasy futures.