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Faculty Talk: Andrea Cadioli: Weak Postures

Moderated by Damjan Jovanovic

Room 160
March 08, 2019 at 1:00pm

If modern architecture formerly embodied hegemonic ideologies, today more heterogeneous points of view require multiple modes of individual appropriation and architectural manifestation.

Simultaneously, new digital mediums reposition the user in space with newly acquired physical organizations and spatial frameworks, embedding extensions and retentions in the postmodern scenario of rapidly changing values and foundations. This talk will explore new approaches for the intellectual and physical positions of the player in the post-digital age. By presenting alternative ways to engage with the architectural contour, Weak Postures investigates practices that reorganize, overlay, impress, or direct latent manifestations of active forms.

Andrea Cadioli is a designer and architect operating in the fields of applied and theoretical arts.

Born in Italy, Cadioli worked as a musician and TV presenter for EMI and MTV before relocating to Beijing to complete a double-degree master’s program in partnership with Polytechnic University of Turin and Tsinghua University. After years of practice with Graft Architects, Plasma Studio, and Sou Fujimoto he was awarded the SCI-Arc European Union Scholarship, which led him to obtain his second master’s in Los Angeles. Graduating with the Thesis Merit Prize, he continues his research currently as a faculty member at SCI-Arc.

Potrait of Andrea Cadioli