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Fear and Wonder: An Expedition through the Landscapes of Fiction

W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
November 11, 2017 at 3:00pm
November 11, 2017 at 9:00pm

Our perception of the world is largely shaped through the mediums of fiction. Our political positions are informed by fake news, we live out our lives in the pixelated territories of video games and we escape into the pages of a novel or the flicker of the movie screen. In film, games and literature we have always imagined alternative worlds as a means to understand our own world in new ways. In Fear and Wonder we join an ensemble of directors, concept artists, video game designers and storytellers for an expedition through an atlas of imaginary worlds, fictional cities and speculative geographies.

Questions for our guest speakers? Send them using #fearwonder

The event will also feature a complimentary bar, reading room and pop up shop, and gaming area. Directed by Liam Young / SCI-Arc Fiction and Entertainment Coordinator, Postgraduate Program

Event soundtrack by DJ Molly Shaman

DJ Molly Shaman is resident at the Melody Lounge and the Lava Lounge in LA. She will be mixing the soundscape for the event from a collection of iconic film scores.

3:00pm – 5:00pm The Beating City

Welcome by Hernan Diaz AlonsoHernan Diaz Alonso assumed the role of SCI-Arc Director/CEO in the 2015 academic year. He has been a distinguished faculty member since 2001, serving in several leadership roles, including Graduate Programs Chair from 2010–15. Hernan is principal and founder of Xefirotarch.

Introduction by Liam Young Liam Young is an architect and filmmaker who works between documentary and fiction to explore the implications and possibilities of emerging technologies. Liam coordinates SCI-Arc’s Postgraduate Master’s program in Fiction and Entertainment.

Hannah Beachler, Production Designer (Moonlight, Beyonce’s Lemonade)

Hannah Beachler is the award winning production designer of Moonlight, Beyonce’s Lemonade, Creed and the upcoming Marvel film Black Panther.

Nivanh Chanthara, Concept Artist (Ghost in the Shell, Babiru)

Nivanh Chanthara is concept artist who has been designing characters, environments and props for the Deus Ex franchise. Nivanh also designs for comics and the film and television industry and has recently developed art for the new Ghost in the Shell and his ongoing personal dystopian city project, Babiru.

Lauren Beukes, Author (Broken Monsters, Zoo City)

South African based Lauren Beukes is a best-selling novelist and author of comics, screenplays and television. Recent books include Broken Monsters, Zoo City, Shining Girls and Moxyland.

Victor Martinez, Concept Artist (Blade Runner 2049)

Victor Martinez is an artist who works on concept design and world building for the entertainment industry. Victor has designed for films such as Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek Beyond, Alice through the Looking Glass and Batman vs Superman.

5:30pm – 7:30pm In the Wilds

Patti Podesta, Production Designer (American Gods)

Patti Podesta is a production designer for film and television. She is known for her spare, moody design for the critically acclaimed film Memento directed by Chris Nolan and recently she has been designing the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Jimmi Simpson, Actor (Westworld)

Jimmi Simpson is an actor who most recently played William, a key character in HBO’s hit series Westworld. Jimmi is also known for his role in the Netflix political drama series House of Cards.

Ane Crabtree, Costume Designer (Handmaid’s Tale)

Ane Crabtree is a costume designer for film and television. Ane has developed the costumes for the recent television series’ The Handmaid’s Tale and Westworld. Her clothes reflect the political power structures at play in the worlds she is designing for.

David O’Reilly, Games Designer (Everything)

David O’Reilly is an independent games designer, animator and film maker. David has developed animated sequences for films such as Her, and has recently launched Everything, a reality simulator game featuring thousands of playable characters from the spanning from the scale of the universe to a bacterium.

8:00pm – 9:30pm OffWorld Archipelagos

Rick Carter, Production Designer (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Rick Carter is a multiple Academy Award winning production designer who has created the worlds of some of the most seminal films of recent times. Projects include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avatar, Lincoln and Back to the Future.

David Delgado, Visual Strategist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Exoplanet Tourism)David Delgado is a visual strategist with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he creates experiences to bring audiences closer to emerging technologies and prompts them to emotionally engage with contemporary scientific research.

Mike Mignola, Comics Artist (Hellboy) in conversation with Geoff Manaugh, writer (BLDGBLOG)

Mike Mignola is a comic artist and writer known for creating the Mignola-verse with Dark Horse comics, a collection of titles including Hellboy and B.P.R.D. He has also created similarly themed titles including Baltimore, The Amazing Screw-On Head and Joe Golem, Occult Detective. Geoff Manaugh is the creator of BLDGBLOG and author of A Burglar’s Guide to the City.

Angela Washko Games Artist (World of Warcraft)

Angela Washko is an artist, writer and facilitator devoted to creating new forums for discussions of feminism in the spaces most hostile toward it. Angela has been intervening in various online game worlds, seeding within them such projects as The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioural Awareness which is based in the World of Warcraft.

SCI-Arc exhibitions and public programs are made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.