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Community Engagement
Status/Start Date
Host Design by Diversity Day with ACLA
Complete: 03/22
Hire Inaugural Community Engagement Coordinator
Complete: 08/21
Develop Partnership with SoCal NOMA
In progress: 01/21
Build Community Engagement Working Groups: R*SEARCH, Curriculum, and Pipeline Development
In progress: 08/21

School Culture
Status/Start Date
Hire Inaugural Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Complete: 02/21
Deliver school wide DEI trainings, series, and programs
In progress: 02/21
Offer DEI continued education for faculty and staff
In progress: 06/21
Implement DEI into New Student Orientation
In progress: 08/21
Increase DEI visibility (Website + Social Media + Community Presentations)
In progress: 05/21
Integrate DEI into Employee Performance Reviews
In progress: 06/22
Support Departmental DEI Assessments + Planning
In progress: 06/22
Student Recruitment & Retention
Status/Start Date
Expanded Mentoring Programs: Peer Mentors, Alumni Mentors, E+I Scholars Mentoring
In progress: 08/21
Increase budget for Equity + Inclusion Scholarships
In progress: 01/21
Implement DEI into New Student Orientation
In progress: 08/21
Strengthen DID, Pop-Arc, and Making+Meaning pipeline
In progress: 08/21
DEI Working Groups
Student Support
New Student Orientation
Student Activities + Campus Life
Student Policies
Wellness Programs
Pipeline Development
Relationships with Local Schools/Districts
Outreach Program Collaborations
DEI in the Workplace
Employee Policies
Recruitment Practices
Professional Development

Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity and Inclusion Committee was created in 2020 In response to the global movement for Black lives. SCI-Arc's Equity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of staff, faculty, and student representatives who work to promote equity, inclusion, and belonging for the SCI-Arc community. The committee meets regularly to reflect on areas in need of improvement, share best practices, and facilitate the implementation of policies and programs that promote an equitable, accessible, and inclusive educational environment for all students and employees, with particular attention to those from communities historically excluded in architecture and design.

Committee Roster

Hernán Díaz Alonso, SCI-Arc Director/CEO

Kristy Balliet Undergraduate Programs Chair, Design Studio

Tea Bogue,Student Services Specialist

Storm Butti, (B. Arch '25)

Jonathan Chan, Community Engagement Coordinator

Jennifer Chen, Design Studio, Liberal Arts, Visual Studies

Liliana Clough, HR Director

John Enright, SCI-Arc Vice Director/Chief Academic Officer

Natou Fall, Design Studio, Liberal Arts

Marcelyn Gow, Undergraduate Programs Chair, Design Studio

Thabisile Griffin, Liberal Arts

Jennifer Huh, Academic Advisor

Elena Manferdini, Graduate Programs Chair

Angel Montes, Director of Admissions

David Ruy, Postgraduate Programs Chair, MS Synthetic Landscapes Coordinator

Zahida Sherman, Committee Chair and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Emil Tatevosian, Facilities Director

La'keem Timothy, (M. Arch 1, '24)

William Virgil, Making+Meaning Coordinator, Design Studio, Visual Studies