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From SCI-Arc's Director: Architecture is Always an Act of Optimism

I’m well aware that this is not ideal, but I want to convey how proud I am of how all the students, faculty, and staff are navigating this challenging and unexpected time.
I am confident that if we work together though this process with creativity, compassion, optimism, and civic responsibility, this shall pass, and we will come to the other end stronger than before.We will continue to study, create, speculate; as architects. We should remind ourselves that this is not a spring break, but a different way to work.
Every crisis is in many ways an opportunity—this maybe is a chance for all of us to improve as a global society, to understand that the health of all of us relies on what we do as individuals. This could be a pivotal time in how we evolve in the twenty-first century; it is up to each of us to rise to the occasion.
Architecture is always an act of Optimism.
Stay safe,
Hernán Díaz Alonso