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Jennifer Bonner Illuminates SCI-Arc Channel on Extrusion and Social Space in MALL

Tune in to SCI-Arc Channel to watch Jennifer Bonner [Director, MALL / Associate Professor, Harvard GSD] as she discusses the role of the extrusion in architecture, the insertion of social space into the office typology, stacking, multiples, and collections in her recent projects including Best Sandwiches and Domestic Hats. Bonner describes her work with faux finishes in architecture in the “Haus Gables” residence in Atlanta and the relationship between academia and practice.

Jennifer Bonner is Associate Professor of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Co-Director of the Master of Architecture II program. Bonner founded MALL in 2009, a creative practice that stands for Mass Architectural Loopty Loops or Maximum Arches with Limited Liability—an acronym with built-in flexibility.

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