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Join SCI-Arc Channel's Sonic Journey Into Jónsi's Ethereal Exhibition

Step into an immersive sonic journey through artist and musician Jónsi’s first solo exhibition at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery on SCI-Arc Channel. Art writer Jan Tumlir reflects on the design of the three spaces that comprise the exhibition, each leveraging combinations of sound, light, and sculpture to produce an array of atmospheric effects. Jónsi discusses how the exhibition moves music into different spaces, in one instance using the walls of the gallery as a transducer.

Since the 1990s world-renowned interdisciplinary artist Jónsi has produced ethereal sounds through an astute aesthetic that combines the minimal, classical, and progressive. Jónsi initially gained international recognition as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Icelandic experimental rock band Sigur Rós, whose unique sounds have been equated with the sublime. Jónsi’s unequivocal vocal and instrumental approach have expanded the boundaries of musical genres, rendering him one of the leading musical artists of our time.

From the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery website: “What is the shape of sound? What does it feel like? Can we smell it? How does it move through your body and what kind of sensations does it trigger? These are the questions that are posed by Jónsi in his first exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in Los Angeles. Jónsi’s most recent solo aesthetic explorations have resulted in a series of immersive installations that sculpt with sound as they ask us to meditate on the liminal threshold between our bodies and the world around us.”

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