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SCI-Arc 50+50: Into the Past and Future

Join us in celebrating SCI-Arc, as we recollect the past 50 years to reimagine the next 50.

In July of 1972, on the heels of the revolutionary 1960s, an era of social unrest interwoven with radical shifts in our collective cultural, scientific, and artistic imagination, a group of rebels and idealists dared to imagine a new kind of architecture institution—a school without walls—and SCI-Arc was born.

In this film celebrating SCI-Arc’s 50th anniversary, SCI-Arc graduates, current students, faculty, and leadership reflect on the cutting-edge design, innovation, and experimentation that have characterized the world-renowned institute throughout the past 50 years, while imagining what it will become in the next 50.

Watch the complete video above or on SCI-Arc Channel.