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SCI-Arc Channel Launches Summer Film Series with LA Art Publication Carla

SCI-Arc is thrilled to announce that SCI-Arc Channel has partnered with Los Angeles art publication Carla to co-produce a series of short films that focus on LA-based artists working around issues of community and social justice.

Please join on June 24 for the release of the first film in the series, on artist Sarah Rosalena’s intersectional and intergalactic art practice. On July 8, the second film follows People’s Pottery Project, an organization supporting a mission of decarceration and community through clay. The third offering, on July 22, is entitled ‘LA’s Historic-Cultural Monuments and the Women they Leave Out,’ which presents the hidden legacies of women’s buildings in Los Angeles. The fourth and final film in the series on August 5 highlights a Return to Community Arts, exploring how local arts organizations resist hierarchy through community.

Full release schedule and film descriptions below as well as on the SCI-Arc website here.

Sarah Rosalena
June 24, 2022

Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist Sarah Rosalena weaves contemporary technology with Indigenous traditions, dissolving the borders of colonial logic to generate weavings that tell of landscapes not of this world. Sourcing imagery from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Rosalena programs her loom to turn pixels into thread, showing how information derived from new world geographies and extractive tech can be broken down into material form.

Based on a review by Allison Noelle Conner, Carla Issue 24.

People’s Pottery Project

July 8, 2022

Noticing a shortage in resources for formerly incarcerated women, People’s Pottery Project, a non-profit ceramics studio in LA’s Glassell Park neighborhood, offers stability, support, employment, and empowerment for women, trans, and non-binary individuals. Through the sensitive and intuitive art of ceramics, PPP offers the opportunity for a second chance at life, encouraging growth and healing through community building in the arts.

LA’s Historic-Cultural Monuments and the Women they Leave Out
July 22, 2022

With only 3% of monuments in Los Angeles devoted to women, the need to preserve their histories is a crucial feat. Based on the essay “Hidden Archives: LA’s Historic-Cultural Monuments and the Women They Leave Out,” originally published in Carla Issue 24, writer Neyat Yohannes reflects on the trailblazing women whose influence has helped shape the city so many of us call home, and the erasure that is at stake if their legacies remain unprotected.

Based on an article by Neyat Yohannes, Carla Issue 24.

Return to Community Arts
August 5, 2022

Spurred by the ever-shifting relationship between art and the community, art critic and journalist Catherine Wagley looks directly at artist groups and collectives who engage with the community through acts of mutual aid and support. Based on her essay “Resisting Hierarchy through a Return to Community Arts”, published in Carla Issue 25, this documentary spotlights Crenshaw Dairy Mart, Los Angeles Poverty Department, and Summaeverythang as spaces that resist art world hierarchies, making space for experimentation and exploration in the community.

Based on an article by Catherine Wagley, Carla Issue 25.